We work with employees and managers to assess health and fitness for work, recommend early interventions, and give clear advice on modifications to work or adjustments.

For managers, referring staff to our services could not be simpler. We use an electronic management referral form which allows managers to provide all the relevant information about the work circumstances and reasons for referral. As your occupational health provider, your manager can refer you to NWL Occupational Health Shared Service using this form (opens form).

We send our reports back to you by email within two working days and advise on the following:

  • Fitness to work
  • Limitations for particular work tasks
  • Defined disability within the disability discrimination provisions of the Equality Act 2010
  • Reasonable adjustments needed in relation to disability or pregnancy to enable staff to work effectively and safely
  • Prognosis relating to fitness to work and timescale for recovery where possible
  • Opinion on whether a health condition is work-related
  • Safety implications
  • External support agencies
  • Rehabilitation-to-work plans and alternative solutions, such as redeployment or ill-health retirement

We do not disclose personal details about an employee's health unless this is specifically requested and agreed by the employee.

We promote total transparency in all communication ensuring that:

  • Employees can choose to view the report before it is sent to the employer (in keeping with GMC guidance)
  • Employees and all other relevant parties, for example, human resources (HR) departments, receive a copy
  • Employees are encouraged to share with their own GP / specialist / therapist

We promote the use of case management reviews by manager, HR and an occupational health clinician) and case conferences involving the employee, manager, HR and an occupational health clinician) where further joint discussion about the advice given would be helpful.

Our frequently asked questions page provides further information about referrals including our role, confidentiality, what an employee can expect when attending for a health assessment and how we respond to employers.